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Water Main Leaks

Water Mains North Shore

Have you had a high water bill? Is there a wet patch on your lawn? 

These are indications that your water main may have a leak. We are very experienced at repairing and replacing old water mains.

We can locate that underground leak and in many cases repair it by cutting out the damaged pipe and replacing it with a new section of pipe.

If the water main cannot be repaired, we can replace it.

Will the new water main have to go under your driveway or footpath? 

We have specialised equipment that enables us to install the pipe without cutting up your concrete. This can save you a lot of money as it cuts down the time to install the new water main and there are no concrete cutting, reinstatement or dumping costs. These costs can be more than the cost of the water main itself!

Water Main Leaks

Concrete section removed from driveway
for new Water main pipe and concrete replaced.

Water Main Leaks

Water main pipe goes under driveway,